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Saturday, September 29, 2007



LAKE OSWEGO -- At about 8:20 PM, on June 11, 2007, my wife and I were out walking in a field and unleashed our dog. I made a comment that this would be a good place for a UFO to land. I looked up and said, "What is that, pointing with my finger at a black object?"

It was coming down toward us with a rotating movement of something around the object. It started to change shape and appeared to dance around at 1000 feet altitude and spin causing a very unusual but pleasurable sensation between my eyes and an uncontrollable feeling of happiness and laughter.

I shook my head as to come out of a trance and saw a flash, like a large object creating a shadow on the ground flashing by. To our surprise the object was now directly in front of us, 25 feet high moving east at about 5-10 miles per hour behind some large fir trees.

The object was a black saucer shape or hang glider shape with nobody underneath and it made no sound, it had a flat bottom, and gently rounded to the top. It was wobbling slightly as it moved. It then made a 70-80 degree turn and flew toward the lake.

My wife was frightened because it was turning and heading for us at a high rate of speed and had a cloud around it. When I next saw the object it flew southeast toward Lake Oswego and got smaller and smaller until it was a tiny dot.

Thanks to UFOINFO for this report. http://www.ufoinfo.com/


  • At 10:30 AM, Blogger R. Lee said…

    Very interesting report. One thing I found interesting was the comment by the witness that the area would be a good spot for a UFO to land. I've had that same experience just before a sighting: I, or someone I'm with, comments on UFOs, and then -- there one is.

  • At 7:36 PM, Blogger merrimerri1939 said…

    Aileen, Thank you for the many times I have seen a UFO in your presence. I know you draw them to you. Thank You for posting this information. It is truly needed. May the Universe continue to bless you and yours. Happy Holidays. Mary StClaire, once the Utah UFOCCI director, and a contact.

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    Gee, what a coincidence. You say it would be a good place for a UFO to land and whaddaya know- a UFO appears!
    And the laughter- must've smoked some good pot!

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